7 Signs of an Affair

There is no sure-fire way to know if your spouse is having an affair aside from hard evidence that indicates cheating is going on. Even though a person may not have hard evidence it is important to know that the signs are often there. Below are seven signs that indicate that your spouse may be having an affair;

Sign 1 – Hostility/Change in Disposition – A person who is having an affair may begin to purposely start fights and act in an aggressive manner towards their partner so that they can inwardly justify their extra-marital affair. There is also the chance that instead of having a hostile nature, a person may have an overly nice disposition. The extra nice and thoughtful disposition is used to alleviate the guilt the person feels for having the affair.

Sign 2 – A Gut Feeling – Many people find out that their spouse is cheating simply because their instincts told them that something was wrong. More people are learning to follow their instincts. If you have a nagging instinct that something is wrong in the marriage, explore the feeling further so that you can discover what it is.

Sign 3 – Consistent Tardiness – As the spouse begins to spend more time with the person they are cheating with, that time may start to infringe on other events and obligations that the spouse has. The spouse may be late to work, late to dinner, or late to other events because the time they are spending with the new person is infringing on the schedule they normally have.

Sign 4 – Spends Less Time at Home – A cheating spouse will often make up numerous excuses as to why they must leave the house. In actuality, they are taking the time away from home to communicate or spend time with their new partner. More time at work, shopping, or errands may increase significantly as the affair progresses.

Sign 5 – No Wedding Ring – When a person is planning on having an affair, they may attempt to deceive others about their marital status. This type of behavior may include the cheater saying that they are single, divorced, or a widower to potential new mates. The wedding ring will either be hidden or left at home so that people will not think that the person is married.

Sign 6 – Encourages You to Do Things Alone – A cheating spouse might encourage their mate to take a vacation, visit friends or family, or go out shopping alone. The more they can encourage their spouse to leave the home, the more time they can have for their affair.

Sign 7 – Increasingly Critical – Cheating spouses attempt to find justification for their behavior by finding fault with the person they are married to. A spouse may becoming increasingly critical of their mates personality or looks. This criticism is meant to drive their spouse away as well as make them feel better about the infidelity.

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