9 Signs of a Cheater

One of the more obvious signs of a cheater is getting caught calling their spouse the wrong name. This is one of the worst mistakes that a cheater can make and strong confirmation that a third person is in the picture. A cheater who is heavily involved in an affair is subject to making a verbal slip and calling their spouse the name of their new companion.

Is defensive of other cheaters – People will defend what they are. A cheater who is defensive of other people who are having extra-marital affairs is indiscreetly condoning the behavior. A cheater is sympathetic to the situation of other cheaters.

Running more errands than normal – One of the most common excuses to buy time to conduct the affair is the claim of running errands. As the infidelity intensifies, more and more time will be spent away from the home. A clear sign of infidelity is intentionally avoiding the home.

Strange names programmed in cellular phones or instant messenger services – A cheater may program the new companion’s number into the phone without the spouse being aware of who the number belongs to. A strange number or unidentifiable new person is a sign that infidelity is taking place.

Changes in the physical relationship – Most cheaters will become less passionate in their relationship. The lack of passion is caused by the cheater detaching themselves from the spouse and attaching themselves to their new companion. Some changes could occur in affection and general interaction.

More complaints – The cheater may become more critical of their spouse in light of what they view as a better companion. The lack of newness in their main relationship enhances the amount of flaws the cheater sees. Direct complaints about the relationship, home, or emotional connection are common criticisms of a cheater.

Changes in eating habits – A partner who suddenly starts to appreciate new cuisine that neither of you have tried together could be picking up the dining habits of his new companion. Other changes may occur as well such as a change in grooming and exercise.

Different sleeping patterns – If the cheater is communicating with their new companion through the computer, late nights sending emails and messages may occur causing the cheater to stay up later. New relationships also cause anxiety and excitement which can contribute to increased restlessness.

Unexplained purchases – Frequent trips to the ATM or unexplained purchases that can not be accounted for are a sign that something is amiss. During the new relationship the cheater might begin to invest money on different activities with their new companion or even buy gifts or dinners.

It is important not to get stuck in the signs of an affair and stay focused. Until the cheater is proven guilty, he or she remains innocent until charged with the infidelity. Signs don’t always confirm that a person is cheating, but they do serve as an indication that something could be wrong in the relationship.

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