Affair-Proof Your Marriage

No marriage is immune from infidelity but there are always steps that can be taken to make a marriage stronger and more resistant to affairs. Couples who take the necessary steps to strengthen and protect their relationship find that their marriages are more fulfilling and weather the years.

Appreciation – The more a couple appreciates each other, the less likely they are to delve into an affair. Many people begin affairs because they don’t feel appreciated in their relationships. Couples can show their appreciation through kind words, romance, or giving. Seeking appreciation, affection, and acceptance outside of the relationship is what leads to infidelity.

Affection – A lack of affection is one of the main reasons that people quote for having an affair. Although a relationship full of affection doesn’t completely eliminate the possibility of an affair, it does decrease it. Couples who feel more loved, nurtured, and cared for have less reason to seek affection from others.

Encouragement– Men and women feel appreciated and valued through the encouragement that they receive from their spouses. A discouraging spouse and a negative attitude can create a disconnect in the relationship. An individual can affair-proof their marriage by being their spouse’s source of inspiration and encouragement.

Spending Quality Time Together – People are continually growing and changing. A couple that never or rarely spends time together increases their chances of growing apart from each other. In order to keep from growing apart, a couple should spend quality time together and appreciate each other’s hobbies, likes, and life journey.

Staying Best Friends – Some spouses are so busy being a husband or wife that they forget that their significant other also needs a friend. Being a friend to your spouse allows them to have someone they can confide in and feel comfortable around. Many affairs evolve from platonic friendships. Being a true friend to your spouse fills that friendship need and reduces the chances of emotional or physical affairs.

Learning to compromise – Compromise and sacrifice are two things that are vital to a healthy relationship. Many marriages begin to suffer or deteriorate because one spouse is not willing to make sacrifices or compromise. Sacrifice and compromise are vital to the happiness of both people in the marriage. Learning to come to a happy medium and find solutions that work for both the husband and the wife is important.

Saying “I love you.” – Some spouses assume that their partner knows they are loved. It is important to actually express that love and remind your significant other that their presence in your life has meaning.

No marriage can be completely affair-proof but taking the time out to ensure that things are healthy in the relationship helps. Being a friend to your spouse, making a commitment to spend time together, compromise, appreciation and affection are all useful tools in creating a strong marriage that is more resilient to the temptations of an affair. A healthy marriage takes time and effort but is worth it in the end.

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