Behavior Changes in a Cheater

Some cheaters may experience subtle behavioral changes that will indicate that something new is going on in their life. These changes are usually small and may involve personality adjustments, a change in likes, dislikes, and even appearance. A spouse will easily recognize this changes if they are cognizant.

New Clothing – A refreshed wardrobe may be a sign of infidelity. As a person begins to find a new love interest, a desire to appear more handsome or masculine may urge the cheater to wear more attractive clothing. In some cases, the individual may develop an interest in working out so that the wardrobe will fit better. One or two new clothing pieces are not an obvious sign of cheating but a subtle change to the entire wardrobe is.

Meticulous Grooming – A husband who is having an affair may decide to finally clip his toenails. A wife that is cheating on her husband may begin shaving her legs every day – something that she normally only does in the summer. Excessive and meticulous grooming could indicate that the affair has crossed over into something physical.

New Musical Taste – The individual who is cheating may begin to adopt some of the tastes, likes, and dislikes of their new companion. A change in musical, film, or food taste are all signs that the cheater is being influenced by someone other than their spouse. As the cheater is introduced to more hobbies and options their taste may change or be enhanced. This type of behavior is a definite sign of possible infidelity when the change in taste appears to be odd an confusing to the spouse.

Nervous Energy – Cheaters have to adopt the new position of being on guard at all times. An effort to constantly hide the affair and their emotional changes may feel stressful at times. The stress the cheater experiences is converted into nervous energy. Cheaters may feel paranoid that their spouse is suspicious or that their secret is going to be revealed at any moment.

Spending Less Time at Home – An affair creates a feeling of distance in the marriage. A cheater who is infatuated with a new person is going to invest more time and energy into pursuing the affair, and less time and energy at home. Frequent excuses for being out, working late, or running errands may start to occur.

Use of New Slang or Words – the more that people are around each other the more they adopt a common language of slang words and phrases. A firm indication that something is wrong is the cheater attempting to use inside jokes that make no sense whatsoever to the spouse.

Clear Attitude or Personality Change – People normally have a happier disposition when they have first entered a new relationship. A person who is cheating may appear to be in a better and more upbeat mood than normal.

Feeling Less Sexual – Once the affair has progressed into something physical, less affection and sexual contact will occur in the marriage. If the cheater is deeply emotionally involved with their new companion, they might even feel guilty about being physically intimate with their spouse.

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