Can Your Relationship Be Saved?

Relationships that have been affected by an affair are very difficult to salvage. The relationship is usually plagued by regret, hostility, insecurity and a severe lack of trust. Even though relationships are significantly harder in the wake of an affair, there are millions of couples around the world who have successfully moved forward despite infidelity. There are several ways that a couple can determine if their relationship can be saved after one person has cheated;

1. Both couples want the relationship to work – Many people who cheat have given up on their relationship. They are so upset with the state of the relationship that they are willing to risk destroying it while participating in an affair. A cheater no longer cares whether or not the relationship works. In order for a relationship to survive both parties have to care whether or not their relationship works.

2. A True Commitment is Made – Infidelity is a break in the commitment that a couple has pledged to each other. A truly committed couple has to renew their pledge of faithfulness. Authentic commitment is a necessary ingredient needed to save a relationship that has soured. Relationships can be saved when the couple decides to renew a true commitment.

3. The offended spouse is willing to trust again – One of the most difficult steps to take when recovering from infidelity is the step of rebuilding trust. Rebuilding trust doesn’t always happen over-night and the amount of time invested in having a trustworthy relationship requires patience from both partners. In order for a relationship to be saved, trust must be restored.

4. The couple is willing to work – A relationship requires work, but a couple in a relationship that has been plagued by infidelity have to work twice as hard. If both people are willing to roll up their sleeves and do all of the necessary work to repair the broken bond, then there is a possibility the relationship will work even though there was cheating involved.

5. The cheater is willing to give their spouse time to heal – Infidelity causes a wound in the relationship that takes time to heal. The healing process is not instant and the person who cheated must be willing to give their significant other time to recover from dealing with the affair. Healing is necessary in order to have a healthy relationship.

6. Professional counseling – There are times when the only way to save a relationship that has endured cheating is to get a professional counselor involved. A professional counselor serves as a mediator between the couple and helps them to acknowledge and solve relationship issues that have been laying under the surface.

Nothing is impossible, and a broken relationship that seems doomed still has the potential to be saved. It takes an effort from both partners and respect must enter the picture if the relationship is going to work out. A loving couple committed to restoration can save a failing relationship that has endured infidelity.

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