Cheaters and Privacy

In a relationship, many couples appreciate their privacy. Couples may feel that their privacy is a large part of their ability to retain some independent sense of who they are. In a marriage, privacy issues can cause strain and tension when one spouse has privacy boundaries that are crossed. In the case of a faithful spouse they may feel protective of their privacy because of a total loss of individuality but in the case of a cheating spouse it is different. Cheating spouses are protective of their privacy in order to hide their infidelity.

There are several things that the average cheating spouse is over-protective of, but one of the main things a cheating spouse will guard is e-mail. It is difficult for cheating spouses to talk on the phone while at home so e-mail is used as an alternative in the world of cheaters. According to statistics almost 90% of cheaters use e-mail communication with the person they are having the extramarital affair with. If your spouse is guarding their e-mail with their life it could be because they have something to hide.

The second thing a cheating spouse will guard is their personal cellphone. Many cheaters may call or send text messages to their significant other when their spouse is not around. Cell phones carry a recording history of incoming and outgoing calls and text messages are automatically saved unless they are erased. A spouse who attempts to hide or delete their calling history and text messages could possibly be practicing infidelity.

In the case of a cheating husband who is attempting to woo his mistress financial resources may be involved. In order to keep his mistress happy a husband may spend money on gifts, dinners, and even hotel rooms with a credit or debit card. In order to keep his wife from finding out about the charges for things pertaining to his mistress – the husband may hide credit card or banking statements. According to statistics, spouses who are not on the same page financially will often hide purchases from their significant other. A cheating spouse hides purchases in order to cover their infidelity.

The final thing a cheating spouse will often hide is their schedule. The true work and leisure hours of a spouse is hidden in order to use that time to participate in the affair. Cheaters are often over-protective of their work schedules and do not want their significant others to know the actual hours they will be working. The true hours are hidden and even manipulated to give the cheater time to spend on their affair. True work and leisure hours are easiest to hide because the spouse is not present and often has no way of confirming if the cheater is truly dedicating that time to their career.

If your spouse is overprotective and hiding areas of their life like work schedule, e-mail, banking or credit card statements, and cell phone history then it is a possibility they are hiding these things because of infidelity. A monogamous spouse has the freedom of being open and transparent but a marriage plagued by infidelity is often in the dark.

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