Cheating with a Coworker

More affairs involve a coworker than any other person. People often cheat with someone in close proximity to them and their colleagues are always right there, working along side them. As colleagues work together, they are forced to learn about each other, bond, communicate and collaborate.

Frequent lunches – it is perfectly normal for someone to have a lunch out with their coworker – but when those lunches involve a coworker who they find interesting and attractive and the lunch takes place every day away from the office – then there is a potential chance that more than lunch is going on. Frequent long lunches with a coworker create an environment that is ripe for infidelity. The lunches could also be a sign that the spouse is cheating.

Inappropriate e-mails or text messages – when business conversations change into becoming more personal the possibility of infidelity is increased. A clear sign that something wrong is going on between your spouse and their colleague is a clear display of flirtation in e-mails or text messages. When a cheater first enters an affair they will normally send lots of messages to their new partner. Because of the influx of messages coming in and out, the potential evidence left behind is often there for the spouse to discover.

Long hours – Cheaters may be dishonest about their work hours in order to spend that time with the new person in their life. If your spouse is working long hours into the night that seem inappropriate then there is a chance that they are not really at work. You can confirm whether or not your spouse is really working by contacting them on their work e-mail or phone line. When a cheater is having an affair with their colleague both may decide to stay during the night at work when others have left the office in order to engage in the affair.

Frequent work “calls” received at home – The cheater’s partner may call them on their business or home phone with the excuse of work just to get a chance to talk to the person they are having an affair with. Frequent calls at home that have nothing to do with work is a sign that foul play could be happening. Another sign is if the spouse insists on taking the calls in a private setting.

Frequent mentioning of the colleague – When people feel they are falling in love they have a constant desire to discuss the new object of their affection. A spouse who is cheating with their coworker may mention their name more and more in casual conversations.

The spouse will have to find a new job. If the spouse continues to work with person they have cheated with, the temptation to have an affair again is still there. If the person who cheated is really serious about saving their relationship they will have to find a new job. No longer working with the person they cheated with will help them regain strength and trust in their own relationship.

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