Do Desperate Housewives Cheat?

Every wife is not cut out to be in the house all day long. Some wives begin to feel like pieces of furniture if they are in a situation where they are not given attention throughout the day. If a housewife is unhappy with her situation of being in the home constantly she may develop the urge to cheat on her spouse. There are signs that a housewife is probably going to cheat and a husband can watch out for the signs in order to prevent infidelity from happening.

Some of the signs that a housewife is about to get desperate:

The wife complains often about being at home all day – Many people begin to cheat when they are unhappy about their present situation. Cheating can be used as an attempt to fill an emotional void. If the wife is unhappy she may have an emotional void that she will attempt to fill. Unfortunately, in some cases the wife will fill that void with another man.

She expresses attraction to servicemen – Whether its a mail man, milk man, or cable television repairman, a lonely wife who is looking for love may find that she is attracted to one or more of the servicemen who enter her home. Before she potentially cheats, the wife may mention she has a crush on a service man, or mention him by first name and look forward to his visits to the home. In the 1940’s and 1950’s hundreds of American housewives had affairs and children with their milk-serviceman. In 2008, many women are still attracted to a man in a uniform.

The wife wants to know the exact times the husband is going to be away – Sometimes the interest in details of the husband’s departure is completely innocent but if a wife is cheating she wants to know when he’ll be away so that she can plan her affair.

Signs that your desperate Housewife is cheating:

She is never home when you call her. Most people who cheat are uncomfortable bringing the person they are cheating with into their homes. Many cheating people will meet the person at a hotel or other public place to carry out the affair. A wife who is never home and has no reasons for not being at home could be having an affair.

There is evidence that someone else has been in the home. If the person who is cheating decides to do so in the home they share with their significant other there is always a good chance that some small evidence of the infidelity will be left behind in the home. The evidence could be a tangible item that was forgotten or even the heavy scent of cologne in the clothing or bedding.

The wife expresses that she is unsatisfied in the marriage. Women, especially, are more likely to declare their feelings to their spouse in an authentic way. The woman may inform her husband that she is unhappy or not satisfied with the marriage or the role she is playing in the marriage. If she expresses dissatisfaction, work on solving the marital problems to avoid infidelity.

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