Eight Cheaters Myths

There are certain myths that people believe about cheaters that are not always true. Common knowledge about cheating includes a myriad of perceptions and assumptions. Unfortunately, most of the things that people assume about a cheater are generally untrue.

Cheating Myth #1 – People who are willing to take a cheater back are idiots – Some relationships can be easily restored, others take time to heal, and some are so irreparably damaged that the couple simply decides to move on. If an individual decides to take a cheater back they should do so knowing the benefits and ramifications.

Cheating Myth #2 – Once a cheater, always a cheater – Cheaters have the ability to reform. The mantra that a person is always a cheater after the first affair is not necessarily true. There are countless relationships where one spouse had an affair but was able to carry on a faithful relationship after the affair was over.

Cheating Myth #3 – People cheat with someone who looks better – General research confirms that most people do not necessarily cheat with someone who is physically more attractive. According to research, cheaters normally have an affair with someone that has equal attractiveness to their spouse. In some cases, the person they are cheating with is less attractive than their spouse.

Cheating Myth #4 – Cheating is purely physical. Emotional cheating is on the rise and many people are carrying on full heart-felt relationships with the person they cheat with. In extreme cases, the cheaters may even conceive a child with their new companion, and in more extreme cases bigamy may occur. Cheating is not always physical, and often involves some emotional attachment.

Cheating Myth #5 – Cheating will help a relationship. Some cheaters have reported the misconception that having an affair would somehow help spark chemistry and excitement in their marriage. Cheating actually does the exact opposite. An affair begins sapping the excitement and chemistry from the main relationship. Infidelity can be greatly damaging to a relationship, not helpful.

Cheating Myth #6 – An unattractive spouse will not cheat. Although a less attractive person may find themselves with fewer options, the fact remains that there are still some options available. People who are considered generally unattractive are just as likely to cheat as their prettier counterparts. The chances of unfaithfulness in an unattractive partner is the same as with someone who is average looking.

Cheating Myth #7 – You should never take a cheater back. In some cases, a person should not consider giving a cheater a second chance but there are instances where a second chance is a viable option that should be considered. Whether or not a relationship endures and moves forward after infidelity depends on the circumstances and the perception of the people involved.

Cheating Myth #8 – People Cheat because they are unhappy at home. The reasons people actually cheat vary greatly. There are numerous reasons that a person decides to have an affair and the reason doesn’t always include an unhappy home environment. Unhappiness at work, general temptation, and even internal conflicts can all be reasons that a person engages in an affair.

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