How to Piece Together a Marriage Broken by Infidelity

Marriages broken by a cheating spouse are some of the most difficult marriages to put together again. People who find out their their spouses have cheated often have a hard time forgiving their spouse and rebuilding the trust which causes the marriage to fall into shambles and never recover. It is important to know that a marriage can survive infidelity if the right steps are taken and both spouses have a desire to see the marriage go on.

People Cheat For A Reason

Both spouses need to identify the true reasons for the infidelity. According to relationship experts, when people cheat on their spouses their is always an emotional issue. Men feel connected to their spouses through a sexual relationship, and women often connect through an emotional point that turns into something sexual. A cheating spouse is often lacking something either in themselves or the relationship that causes them to go astray. The reason for the cheating needs to be addressed in order to save the marriage. Once both spouses find the reason for the cheating they can also find the solution to prevent extra marital affairs from happening in the future.

Ending the Affair

Affairs can range from one-night-stands to something that goes on for years. The cheating spouse must be willing to end the affair if they expect to save their marriage. Depending on how emotionally involved the spouse is with the person they are cheating with, ending the relationship can be a difficult task. If both spouses want to make the marriage work the affair must end.

Rebuilding the Trust

It is difficult to start trusting a cheater again. Many marriages fail post-infidelity because the trust is not rebuilt fast enough which causes jealousy, strife, and tension in the relationship. Most marriages go through a period where the spouse who was cheated on deals with feelings of intense insecurity. The insecurity affects the spouse’s ability to trust, but in order to piece together the marriage trust will need to be restored.

Forgiving and Forgetting

There is no way a marriage can survive infidelity if the spouse who was cheated on is incapable of forgiving. Both must also put the incident behind them and bury it in the past so they can move on with their future. If the memory of the incident is kept alive in the relationship the chances of the marriage actually surviving grows slimmer and slimmer. If the marriage is going to survive an extra-marital affair then forgiving and forgetting is going to have to take place.

A marriage doesn’t have to be doomed because one person cheated. Sometimes the spouse feels as if they are taking a risk of remaining in a marriage that has been broken by cheating, but love itself is a risk. if both spouses decide they want to hold on to their marriage after an affair is over it can be done by ending the affair, rebuilding trust, forgiving, and being determined to move into the future with an optimistic perspective on their marriage.

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