How to Catch a Cheater with Technology

The ability to catch a cheater is evolving with technology. As the world becomes more advanced, the potential for cheaters to get caught by that advanced technology gets easier. Today, it is not necessary to even be present in order to find out if your spouse is being unfaithful.

Phone Bugs – Phone bugs are the most frequently recommended method of spying because most cheaters either use a cellular or landline to contact their new companion. Cheaters normally use a cell phone because the device can be carried close to them and voice messages are more difficult to access yet can be easily erased. Numerous kits in the marketplace allow the bugging of cellular phones and the possibility of reading text messages without the spouse knowing.

Another technological device that can be used to catch a cheater is a hidden camera. Small cameras can be hidden anywhere in the home to record the activities of the cheater. Most spouses prefer not to use this device because it can be incredibly devastating to watch a person you love cheat on you in graphic detail. Movies and television have popularized the use of small cameras to spy on a cheating spouse. The home is very risky place for a cheater to commit infidelity, and most cheaters conduct the affair outside of the home. For this reason, hidden cameras are only partially effective in finding out if a person is being unfaithful.

People often think of their cars when they imagine a GPS tracking device. Tracking devices are most efficient when they are installed on the car and are probably the most effective technological way to discover if a person has been unfaithful. A GPS tracking device can be installed on the vehicle of the spouse who is suspecting of straying. The device allows the cheater’s vehicle to be tracked as they drive to hotels or homes.

Microphones – The microphone is another effective method of technology to track a cheating spouse. Microphones can be installed in the home, car, and offices of the spouse. Hidden microphones have a long history of catching incriminating activity. The microphones can record conversations that the cheater has when they are with their object of affection.

Spyware – Many cheaters use the computer as their main source of communication. Spyware programs can be installed on the cheater’s computer to access key logs. The key logs give the spouse access to potential messages the cheater has been sending to their partner through chat or email. Spyware is the most frequently used program in the quest to reveal infidelity. There are thousands of programs available that people can purchase to gain access to their spouse’s computer.

Technology devices are very controversial and are considered by many an invasion of privacy. Many spouses who use such devices are already 99% sure their significant other is being unfaithful and simply need that last 1% to confirm it with certainty. People who use tracking and electronic devices pose a risk of losing their significant other if they find out their private moments have been infringed upon, especially if they are being faithful.

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