Is He Cheating?

Many believe that if you suspect that your significant other is cheating then he probably is – fortunately, this is not always true. There are cases where people suspect that someone is being unfaithful but find out that they are actually treating the relationship with love and sacredness. There are always some signs that a person can detect to find out if their significant other is cheating on them.

One of the most important signs of a cheater is missing condoms – if you normally use condoms and your twelve pack has somehow dwindled down to only six without your usage – then it is only intelligent to assume something is wrong. If you are not using the condoms then they are probably being used with someone else. Missing condoms have to be accounted for. If you aren’t using the condoms with your lover, then who is?

There is a lack of affection – A lack of affection can be a difficult sign to detect if your significant other isn’t very affectionate to begin with. Some men have a hard time giving private and public displays of affection due to past relationships with women and family. If, however, you know that your significant other is normally affectionate but has stopped the hugs and touches then find out what has caused the affection to stop.

Being out all night long – People who cheat will often get tempted to spend the night with their partner. There is never an excuse for arriving home in the morning after a long night out. Being away from home through the night always reeks of infidelity and unless your significant other has been kidnapped, then it is only right to arrive home at a time that both of you consider respectable.

Making excuses for strange behavior – When a person is engaged in an affair their behavior will often change in an either subtle or noticeable way. Some of the behavior may be a change in diet, musical tastes, or wardrobe. These changes may result from the cheater spending time with someone that has different tastes which they find exciting or desirable.

Showing a lack of concern for the relationship – It is difficult to maintain two relationships at once without one of the relationships being neglected. A cheater will begin to neglect one of the relationships because they are putting effort into their new one. The neglect that is displayed in the relationship may come across as a lack of concern.

Not caring anymore – If a person feels that their relationship is no longer worth their time and effort then they will stop caring about what happens to the relationship. A person who is cheating and has fallen in love with someone else will stop caring what their significant other says or does. The concern for the relationship will diminish and it will be obvious in the time and effort spent. Not caring is usually the final straw that indicates infidelity, and once this type of behavior occurs it is very difficult to save the relationship.

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