Is She Cheating?

A woman’s emotions can be more difficult to read than a man. Although it is more difficult for men to figure out how their wife is feeling emotionally, there are signs to indicate that something is wrong in the relationship. Several signs are available to men to help them decipher whether or not their significant other is having an affair. This article will take a look at those signs:

She is more emotional than usual – Women are naturally emotional, but an affair can lead to increased sensitivity. Men can easily miss this sign and disregard the surge of emotion by assuming it is related to post menstrual syndrome. If the women is finished with her menstrual cycle and still seems to be acting abnormally it could be because of infidelity.

Her sexual energy has changed – If the woman has normal low sexual energy that has increased significantly, the gain could be because of a new love interest. Fluctuations in sexual energy could occur for two reasons: It could be hormonal, or it could be an affair. In cases where the energy always fluctuates it is probably hormonal, but if the energy seems brand new it could be a red flag of infidelity.

Her confidence has greatly increased – Many women start to cheat because they are feeling insecure about themselves and their relationships. The affair is used as an ego-booster to the woman and is more of an emotional affair than something physical. A major increase of of confidence from an unknown source is a potential sign that another person has entered the picture.

She is hesitant when answering questions – A wife who is being perfectly truthful with her husband won’t need time to contemplate her answers. Simple questions about daily activities may be met with hesitation or resistance. The hesitance indicates that the woman is attempting to think of an acceptable answer.

New lingerie, undergarments – Pretty delicate underwear that is being purchased but not worn for her husband, is probably being worn for someone else. It is natural for people in a new relationship to groom more meticulously for their new companion. A woman may attempt to enhance her appearance by purchasing silky or lacy undergarments. In addition to lingerie, more pampering with the hair or nails may occur more frequently as well.

Turning off the cellphone – If she normally keeps her phone on but is now completely shutting it off to avoid calls then question why. A cheater may turn off their ringer or ditch their phone to avoid being caught. There is a possibility of the new companion calling on the cellular phone and the wife doesn’t want to take any risks.

Women will often verbally convey how they feel to their spouse prior to engaging in an affair. Statistically, women are less likely to cheat on their husbands according to research. Almost 28% of married men have reported having an affair while only 18% of married women reported engaging in an affair.

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