Is Your Husband Gay and Cheating?

There is never a sure way to tell if a man is gay but sometimes there are clues. A woman can learn those clues to help them figure out the true sexuality of a man. Over the last few years, married homosexual politicians and clergy have made news headlines when the public and their wives discovered that the men were engaging in extramarital affairs with other men.

First, a wife needs to be aware of the more obvious signs that her husband is possibly attracted to other men and then the less subliminal messages he is trying to convey. Unfortunately, many married women have completely turned off their gaydar (ability to detect homosexual feelings) and continue on potentially dangerous relationships with men who are clearly gay.

Gaydar Sign #1 – Gay Pornography on the Computer

The first most obvious sign is homosexual pornography on his computer. Computer history can reveal many details about a person’s live and thought process. People search the internet for things that interest them, and many gay married men are interested in watching other gay men. If a married woman discovers gay pornography on her husband’s computer she needs to take immediate action.

Gaydar Sign #2 – The Butt Test

Most heterosexual men will tighten their butts if they feel fingers approaching the crevices. A gay man will welcome butt-touching and feel relaxed when his wife shows affection to that area of his body.

Gaydar Sign #3 – An Obvious Attraction to Men

The eye is naturally drawn to beautiful things and women and men will often stare at stunning beautiful people of the same sex in admiration. If the man’s admiration for another guy turns to lust – then it is another sign he is gay.

Gaydar Sign #4 – The Frequenting of Gay Bars

Married men will often go to entertainment venues where they feel comfortable. If your spouse is frequenting gay bars and areas it could be because they are also gay and feel comfortable around people just like them.

A married gay man can be dangerous and potentially deadly if he is having extramarital affairs. Thousands of married women around the world are infected with numerous viruses (including HIV) from men who are hiding their sexuality and engaging in extra-marital affairs. Married gay men are often too ashamed or embarrassed to be honest with their spouses and the affairs often don’t end until they are caught.

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