The Lies a Cheater Tells

Most cheaters are compulsive liars who also manipulate those around them to get what they want. Cheaters are forced to constantly lie to their friends, coworkers, and family in order to cover their tracks of infidelity. There are certain lies that every cheater tells at some point in order to get away with their affair. Below is a list of some of the lies you might hear the cheater telling their significant other:

1. It was my coworker on the phone. – If the person that the spouse is being unfaithful with sends a message or phone call – the cheater will lie about who was on the phone. The cheater could use anyone from a coworker to a grandmother as the alleged person who was on the other line. If you suspect that the person is being untruthful about who they were speaking with on the phone, confirm it.

2. I’m not cheating – If the spouse becomes suspicious of the cheater they may question whether or not the cheater is being faithful. A cheater who is not ready to get caught will continue to lie about whether or not they are being faithful. A cheater will make attempts to convince the spouse that they are faithful by repeating “I’m not cheating.” If a cheater can successfully convince their spouse they are faithful, they can continue with the affair.

3. Nothing is wrong – During the affair the spouse who is being cheated on will often sense that something is awry. A cheater, however, will try and convince the spouse that the relationship is perfectly fine. Rather than fix the emotional and sexual problems that are plaguing the relationship, a cheater would rather tell their spouse that nothing is wrong. Many cheaters have a difficult time acknowledging their relationship problems and use their affair as a way to escape.

4. We are just friends – Platonic relationships often have a way of evolving into much more, but a cheater would never hint or acknowledge to their spouse that the relationship has crossed the line. Any indication that a friendship appears to be a deep relationship will be counter-acknowledged with “We are just friends.” Millions of cheaters use the “We are just friends” lie all the time.

5. I was alone or with…. – Cheaters will say they are either by themselves, with coworkers, or even friends and family when they are spending time with their new partner. It is difficult to tell who a person is really spending time with, and cheaters use this knowledge to their advantage.

Cheaters double as compulsive liars and can be quite extravagant with the lies that they tell to their spouses. There are subtle things such as facial twitches and the dilation of eyes that occur when a person is lying. A person can look for subtle biological clues to discover whether a person is being truthful or not. The lies of a cheater are typically cliché and can easily be spotted by a savvy spouse.

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