Main People Cheaters Have An Affair With

There is always a main group of people that cheaters normally go after in order to have an affair. It could be someone you know, someone that is close to you, or someone that you have never even heard of. This article tackles the types of people that cheaters have an affair with and the reasons why:

Coworkers – Many affairs start between a spouse and their colleague. They both work in close proximity to each other and are often forced to interact with each other during the day as well as see each other in meetings. If there is an attraction present, the possibility of something physical or emotional transpiring is increased. More people cheat with their coworker than any other person, and these types of affairs are the most difficult to end or discover.

Friends – It is absolutely possible for a person to be platonic friends with someone, but most people have a serious problem with platonic friendships crossing the line and then transforming into more than just friends. If there is no level of attraction between the two friends, or if they see themselves as siblings the likelihood of an affair is significantly reduced. When the friend is someone they could possibly be attracted to, then the relationship has a risk of forming into something deeper than friends. Because of this common knowledge, many couples desire for their spouse to have friends of the same sex and avoid platonic friendships.

Strangers – The stranger could be someone they met while shopping, or on public transportation, or ran into a coffee shop or on the street. The world is full of people who want to connect with others in a friendly manner. Sometimes those friendly connections turn into friendships which could quickly evolve into an affair. When the two strangers connect in a way that is flirtatious it could be a warning sign that something more could happen from that first flirty conversation.

The Ex – Many relationships are destroyed because the ex is never fully out of the picture. When one person has not completely let go of their ex and rid themselves of the emotional connection, the sexual connection is still there as well. A person that still feels an emotional and sexual connection to their ex will find it almost impossible to continue a faithful relationship with their new partner.

An Escort – If a man is not suffering from emotional dissatisfaction but is not sexually fulfilled there is a possibility he could cheat with an escort. Men also use escorts for cheating because of hidden fetishes that they are too ashamed to share with their spouse. Unfortunately, when a spouse cheats with an escort he has a much greater possibility of passing on incurable sexual diseases to his spouse.

The five main people that a cheater has an affair with is the ex, coworker, friend, stranger, or an escort. Each cheater has different emotional and physical reasons as to why they choose the type of person they have an affair with.

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