Signs a Cheater is Lying

It is easier to tell if a cheater is lying by recognizing the signs. There are certain physical and emotional signs that a cheater will usually display when they are lying about having an affair. If the cheater has been lying for a long period of time about the affair, lying may become so natural to the cheater that no obvious signs of a lie are visible to the eye or intellect. A compulsively lying cheater will have tricked their own minds into believing that they are faithful and not give off any physical signs that would indicate otherwise.

Stuttering – Stammering and stuttering are signs that a person is having a difficult time trying to compose a story. The words “er” and “um” may become more prevalent as the liar takes their time attempting to figure out how to sound as convincing as possible.

Repeating the question back to you – If you ask the cheater if they are having an affair and they simply repeat the question back to you – “Am I having an affair?” this could signal a coming lie. The method of repeating the question or pretending as if they didn’t hear the question is used to buy the time necessary to compose a lie. The cheater is stalling for time as they form a new lie.

Sweating – Liars may tend to sweat due to a feeling of nervousness and anxiety. Being truthful causes little anxiety unless the truth has repercussions. A lie almost always causes tension, nervousness, and anxiety – these three emotions could cause a cheater to sweat.

Extreme Defensiveness – Innocent people are normally on the offense. A cheater will become very defensive. Asking an unfaithful person if they are having an affair can be dangerous if the cheater becomes so defensive that they get angry and hostile towards their spouse. Cheaters are not always hostile and defensive if this is not their typical personality trait when confronted with hurtful truth.

Using humor or making sarcastic remarks – Some cheaters will use humor or sarcastic remarks to make light of the situation. Instead of answering the questions directly in a truthful manner a cheater may attempt to deflect the question by making the person laugh or feel silly for asking.

Touching of the nose – The nose contains erectile tissues that engorge when a person is telling a lie. For this reason, it is a natural tendency for many people to touch their noses when they are not being truthful. If your spouse is explaining they are faithful while picking their nose, its a good chance the answer is dishonest.

Inconsistencies with their story – If a cheater attempts to explain that they were visiting a friend, and then later exclaims that they were visiting a nephew – the individual is probably lying. A person is not always capable of remembering the lies they have told and may often get their stories mixed up and confused when retelling them.

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