Top Excuses of a Cheater

A cheater will use every excuse in the book to justify their infidelity. Many of the excuses that cheaters use are very common and often fall into the same categories. There is never a valid reason for cheating on someone, but when a person is having an affair they always have a reason validated in their heads to make them feel less guilty about the affair.

Excuse 1 – “I was lonely!” – This excuse is often used when the person who is cheating is left at home while their significant other is out working and earning money. If the cheater has no career or hobbies then they may start an affair out of the idle time they have while their spouse is working. At times, if both people are not spending much time together in the relationship the “Im lonely” excuse is used.

Excuse 2 – “You’re so far away.” – People are often naturally attracted to people who live in close proximity to where they are. The “you’re so far away” excuse is normally used by people in long distance relationships. Army wives and husbands and those who travel for a living often hear the “you’re so far away” excuse when they find out their loved one is being unfaithful. The “you’re so far away” excuse is always accompanied by excuse number one “I was lonely!”

Excuse 3 – “I was horny.” – If there is a lack of sexual zeal in the relationship a cheater may attempt to justify their affair by complaining that physical needs were not being met. Instead of making an effort to increase the sexuality in their relationship, they feel that having an affair is the answer to a deep-rooted problem. Although “I was horny” is a crude excuse, it is one that countless cheaters have used.

Excuse 4 – “I was angry.” – If the relationship has been plagued by anger and resentment that is left unsolved then emotional voids are gradually created in the relationship. The importance of solving the emotional issues in a relationship are vital to making the partnership affair-proof.

Excuse 5 – “I don’t know why I did it.” – Some people cannot pinpoint the exact cause or reason for their terrible behavior. If a cheater tells you that they have no idea why they would cheat then it is only intelligent that both of you figure out what the problem truly is. The “I don’t know why I did it” excuse usually stems from a place of denial.

Excuse 6 – “I was tempted” – Whether the person they are cheating with looks like an average Jane or supermodel the affair began because of temptation. Somewhere during the course of the relationship the cheater gave in to temptation. The “I was tempted” excuse is always accompanied by the “I couldn’t help myself” excuse.

No matter the excuse a cheater uses, infidelity is always a major problem in a relationship. If both parties want the relationship to continue, excuses will have to be replaced with answers.

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