What is Emotional Cheating?

When people think of cheating they normally think of the physical act that takes place. Cheating is not always physical, it can also be emotional. Emotional cheating is just as dangerous as physical cheating because it often leads to the act of physical infidelity. Many emotional affairs start as a friendship and over a small course of time evolve into a relationship full of chemistry and mental attraction. The spouse may feel that the e-mails, chats, or conversations are innocent but then it evolves into something that can destroy the marriage.

It is more difficult to tell if your spouse is having an emotional affair because much of the incriminating evidence is not tangible, its mental. It can almost be impossible to discover whether or not your spouse is having an emotional affair unless the affair is recorded through e-mails, text messages, or phone conversations.

Women are more prone to having an emotional affair than men. Most men feel connected to their significant other through sex and physical contact but most women feel that connection through authenticity and emotional intimacy that leads to sex. For this reason, women are more likely to indulge in an emotional affair than a man.

A few of the reasons that many women have an emotion affair is –

1. A lack of communication in her relationship. Women are more likely to need to talk about where their relationship is going as well as any concerns or problems that they are having in the relationship. They are less likely to use avoidance techniques so that they don’t have to deal with complicated relationship issues. Through communication, both parties in the marriage feel as if the relationship issues matter, but when the talks fail there is a chance that the woman will get her conversation from someone else.

2. A sense of not feeling appreciated – both men and women have cited that the reason they cheated on their spouse is because they felt a lack of appreciation. Much of infidelity has a root of insecurity and when a person doesn’t feel appreciated in their home they may often feel insecure.

There are less signs available to find out if someone is being emotionally unfaithful than if they were physically cheating but there are still signs that could be there.

1. Emotional distance – The closer the spouse becomes emotionally to the person they are cheating with – the further away emotionally they will fill from their spouse. The emotional distance will be sensed by a lack of communication, mental connection, and chemistry between the couple.

2. Strange messages via e-mail or text that reveal intimate or private details about the spouses life. During an emotional affair, the spouse is going to begin to share things about their lives, emotions, and thoughts that they don’t share with their spouse. The confiding of intimate details creates an emotional connection which in turn leads to the affair.

If you feel that your significant other is having an emotional affair then it is best to become an individual that your spouse can confide in without feeling vulnerable or threatened. Emotional affairs can lead to physical infidelity but they don’t have to if they are caught early. Most emotional problems in a marriage can be solved through counseling. The open communication that counseling provides bridges the gap between the couple and brings them to a place where they are comfortable being truthful with each other again.

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