When to Take a Cheater Back

Most people are not willing to take back a person who is cheating on them. Others are willing to take back their cheating spouse no matter how many times the infidelity occurs. There are certain times that a person should stay in the relationship and other cases in which they should consider moving on which leads to the question; When should a person take a cheater back? This article will attempt to answer that question.

When to Take a Cheater Back:

When they are truly sorrowful – If you believe in second chances, then having a cheating spouse gives you an opportunity to exercise that belief. A truly sorrowful person is less likely to make the mistake of infidelity again. It is normally the spouse who isn’t really sorry that they had an affair that continues to cheat again and again in the future.

When the reason for the affair is known – There is normally a physical or emotional reason that a person cheats, and the temptation to be unfaithful will remain present until the reason and solution is properly addressed. If the couple has figured out why the affair happened in the first place and have solved the issue – then a second chance seems more reasonable.

When counseling has occurred – A professional counselor can help a couple figure out their feelings and gain a better understanding of their relationship. As the couple gains a better understanding of their marriage they can more easily work things out and have a greater chance of having a marriage that will survive.

When the trust has been restored – One of the main reasons many relationships do not work out after an affair is because the trust is never fully restored. If the trust can be restored then the relationship has a future.

When NOT to Take a Cheater Back:

When their is no regret – A cheater who is hardened towards their affair or feel that the cheating was justified is likely to either continue cheating or cheat in the future. When people are not apologetic about hurtful behavior it demonstrates a lack of respect.

When there is emotional/physical abuse involved – If the psychological well-being and physical safety of an individual is being threatened – they should exit the situation as quickly as possible. A cheater who is abusive is capable of mentally and physically harming their spouse.

When the cheater has a history of cheating – If the individual has cheated consistently in the past and has made no effort to fully commit to the relationship then the spouse should consider their health. Constant cheating is a dangerous game that places the physical health of the people involved in jeopardy.

When there is no longer faith in the relationship – The importance of trust in the relationship is vital if the marriage plans to survive infidelity. An spouse without the ability to trust will live in constant paranoia and make the life of the couple very miserable.

It is up to each individual to decide the fate of their relationship. Some relationships are very easy to save and others require more work and thought. In cases where a person’s health is in jeopardy the appropriate actions should be taken for protection.

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