Why People Cheat

There are thousands of reasons why people cheat, but those thousands of reasons usually have a root of several things that entices a cheater to be led astray. Some people cheat without a valid reason besides selfishness but most are acting selfishly due to other underlying emotions that are deep down.

Insecurity – Some people cheat because they are feeling insecure and having multiple partners makes them feel better about themselves by giving them validation. The more partners an insecure person takes on, the more wanted and desired they feel.

Relationship Instability – When a relationship is behaving as if its a roller coaster, infidelity will often join the roller coaster ride. When people are not sure where their current relationship is taking them emotionally they are more prone to allow someone else into the picture for extra clarity. Being in an unstable relationship can be stressful and scary, and cheaters cope with their stress and fear by having an affair.

New Cow Theory – The New Cow Theory states that once a male cow (a bull) mates with a cow they no longer want to mate with that cow again. When researchers attempted to trick the bull by smearing the old cow with a new scent, the bull still knew it was the old cow and didn’t want to mate anymore. The bull wanted a new cow. The New Cow Theory can also be attributed to the seven year itch which states that most married couples divorce after seven years. Perhaps, seven years is how long it takes some cows to go after a new heifer.

Sexual Dissatisfaction – The sexual appetite of couples may vary, but when the gap between the couples is large, the person who isn’t getting the amount of sex they desire might be tempted to stray. Many men blame sexual dissatisfaction as their top reason for having an affair. Couples can work on their sex-life and avoid the temptation to find pleasure outside the confines of marriage.

Pure Temptation – Many athletes, celebrities, and people in prominent places of power and money are often bombarded with people who want to have a relationship with them. People in high-standing positions are desired significantly more and are presented with ample opportunities to cheat on their loved one. Although the individual may not have sexual dissatisfaction or the new cow theory, the mere temptation around every corner makes the thought of cheating more prevalent.

Emotional Dissatisfaction – What can be even more threatening than sexual dissatisfaction is an emotional emptiness. Couples who are emotionally dissatisfied with their mate will often engage in emotional affairs that start off innocent, but over time evolve into something physical. Unlike a sexual affair that is pure lust, with emotional affairs the heart is involved which makes it more difficult for both parties to put an end to the affair.

People begin to cheat on their significant others for hundreds of reasons but the main roots of those reasons continue to be – insecurity, pure temptation, emotional dissatisfaction, relationship instability, and sexual dissatisfaction.

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